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AI Trend in Meet Taipei: Getting Smart Devices Connected

The integration of this AI software and hardware produces a variety of intelligent products across various industry sectors, such as smart home, smart surveillance, security, mobile devices, robotics, and industrial control. MENEWS met several keynote speakers at Meet Taipei 2019 and below were their insights on AI development:

Mr.  Kang Hyun-bin, VP of Global Business Development, spoke about how to create an innovative ecosystem for the growth of both startups and large enterprises. In addition, he has spoken to startups that started on a small scale and became a global star. Co-founder Fiona Lau of Hong Kong’s top e-commerce platform Shopline shares the secrets that Shopline has been able to expand from Hong Kong to the Asian market, while Shen Guan of Umber Computer Vision, which provides AI solutions to the U.S. market, shares the know-how that has grown the company in the global market.

Mr. Albert Liu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kneron, an AI-based solution company or from the United States, said Kneron was built four years ago in San Diego to develop innovation and technology in the AI field as well as integrating between AI and hardware software so that it could produce an uninterconnected device or the Internet of Things (IOT), but intelligent IOT devices through features such as facial recognition, body gestures, and so on.

He modeled the AI solution in air conditioning products that use body gestures to raise or lower room temperature. For example, the hand raised up will be read by the AI software as the request increases the temperature. Sedangkann lowers the hand read as a request for lowering room temperature.

“So no more remote control, because everything can be operated through gestures. The AI solution on this AC product has been sold and used among others by Gree, a global manufacturer of air conditioning products from China, “said Liu after becoming a speaker in Meet Taipei 2019 Festival event at Taipei Expo Park, Taiwan, Friday (15/11).

Liu said, currently, Kneron AI solutions are widely used by hardware manufacturers in the home appliance sector such as AC products, laptops, and so on. Nowadays, some hardware brands use Kneron AI solution, such as Acer, Asus–both Taiwanese, Gree (China), Sogo, and so on. 

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