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The grand opening of the Taoyuan Hutoushan Innovation Hub, leading a smart upgrade of new industries

Photo/ The briefing session for investors in Taipei, which received great responses

The Taoyuan Hutoushan Innovation Hub will open in June! The Department of Economic Development of Taoyuan organized a briefing session in Innosquare on 8 May with some new Tech ventures such as Tatung System Technologies Inc., Institute for Information Industry and MemePR. The Taipei briefing session which aimed to stimulate Taoyuan entrepreneurial environment and link the Taoyuan industrial supply chain up had provided investors with information about the Taoyuan Hutoushan Innovation Hub. The Hub targets investors who are from the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), auto parts, smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, innovation and technology and digital content industry. The event successfully attracted many new entrepreneurs from Taipei and New Taipei to join and received enthusiastic responses. Regarding all relevant matters, how to enter the Hub was the most popular question.

If you want to find an entrepreneurial base with a beautiful scenery, Hutoushan Innovation Hub is your choice. Offering the one and only one high-quality working environment, it is located in the heart of Taoyuan, adjacent to major industrial areas of Guishan, Hwa Ya and so on. The Hub is not only an innovation incubation center, but it can also provide other services like autonomous vehicles research and development, offering a testing platform, IoT Cyber Security Center, IoT verification and so on. It is hoped that the Hub can focus on the car industry, especially the three main key areas of autonomous cars, building relevant smart factories and IoT security protection certification. Through developing a testing platform, the aims of promoting the local smart industry development and upgrade and boosting the economic development of Taiwan can be achieved. The first autonomous vehicle IoT testing platform in Taiwan has been built in the Hub and other industrial chains like automotive electronics, sensory equipment, auto parts and so on have joined the IoV Smart Driving R&D Center. There is a simulator in the center to collect data in advance. After adjusting the parameter and examining in the testing platform, autonomous driving and IoT smart industry chain will be coached to have the road test as soon as possible. For IoT Cyber Security Center, a cybersecurity testing ground has been set up. This is to guide local IoT components producers and relevant IoT system providers, which its applications are going to be applied in the future for Taoyuan smart city development. Through testing and verification, information security can be strengthened. This enhances the information security of IoT products and the safety of its environment.

Teams can now apply to join the Hub. We offer separate offices or open space for multi-person or individual teams. Workspace is provided according to the size of your team. Interested parties will have to go through the first stage of an interview and the second stage of a conference meeting. The results will be announced on the webpage of the Department of Economic Development of Taoyuan and social media. You may refer to the following links for more details.

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