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Percy Chan Talks Osaka Japan Property Investment, “It is another Las Vegas & Macau”

Interview with Mr. Percy Chan
CEO of Brainbridge International , 20 years veteran on financial investment

Being able to earn a number of awards and also being able to become a CEO is not something that many can do yet Mr. Percy Chan has done quite that. 

Percy is quite an accomplished individual. He is both CEO and partner of “Brainbridge International Consulting”. MeNews had a chat with Percy in where he talked about the investment opportunity of Japan real estate investment.

During the interview, Percy introduced about Brainbridge International Consulting , a Hong Kong based company with Osaka subsidiary named, Brainbridge Japan Investment and Development Company Limited (Brainbridge Japan) that can facilitate business operations in Japan. Percy believed that local presence and know-hows are the critical factors for successful oversea investment.

He shared that there are future plans in Osaka, Japan that could attract casinos from Hong Kong and the US. This would be similar to Las Vegas or Macau. They will also carry out operations such as home-stays in Japan which he stated is similar to Airbnb. There are of course certain regulations that they must pass but overall, the plans seem certain.  

There are quite a number of reasons as to why investing overseas is a great idea. According to the research, there are three key reasons that could bring opportunities for Japanese real estate investment. :

  • Japan currently has a good economic situation;
  • Tourism industry of Japan is outstanding; and 
  • Mega events such as the 2020 Olympics are hosting in Japan.

Percy said Brainbridge seeks investment targets with more price advantage all the while having lower financing costs and gain more wealth for our customers through high standard professional and unified management.

Other than being CEO and partner of Brainbridge, Percy has been responsible for personal and institutional investment advisory. He has also worked as a fund manager and vice president when it comes to hedge funds, securities firms, and investment banks in Hong Kong as well as mainland China. Some honors that he has received are “Most Influential Economist” and “Best Financial Man” by Moneyweekly as well as “Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong International Blockchain Finance Association”.  

With upcoming events such as the 2020 Olympics, Japan is sure to bring great investment. The future is full of opportunities and Mr. Chan is making sure to take advantage of that. We’ll be looking forward to the development of the plans from Brainbridge Japan.

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