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The Asia Smart App Awards – Summit & Award Ceremony 2018/2019: Recognizing Distinct Achievements in Industry and Connecting Experts in the Region

Photo/ The Asia Smart App Summit 2019 and Asia Smart App Awards 2018/2019 was successfully held on June 20 at the Hong Kong Cyberport. The activity attracted many Asian teams to participate and exchange ideas and experience.

The Asia Smart App Summit 2019 and the Asia Smart App Awards 2018/2019, organized by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA), are founded to recognize achievements in the smart app development industry and connect wireless technology companies from different regions. The welcoming speech made by the chairman, Mr. Roy Law, marked the beginning of the event.

The Summit started after a group photo session. 13 speakers such as Mr. Koji Ito from Japan, Mr. Paul Lim from Singapore, and Mr. Rajkumar Kanagasingam from Sri Lanka gave a speech at the summit. They shared their experience and insights, for example, Mr. Koji Itointroduced the latest trends of Japan ICT industry, Mr. Rajkumar Kanagasingam talked about topics like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

The Presentation Ceremony followed right after the Summit. This year, there were 9 Asia Smart App Awards winners and 26 Certificates of Merits winners under three categories: the ‘Public Sector Distinction’, the ‘Business and Commercial’, and the ‘Lifestyle, Social and Entertainment’. Winners were selected based on innovation and creativity, functionality and design, user experience or customer excellence, technical deployment of smart device technologies, market performance and competitiveness, and social impact. Mr. Koji Ito, Mr. Paul Lim and Mr. Rajkumar Kanagasingam were part of the final judging panel.

Photo/ Nine winning teams were selected from over 100 participants to compete for awards under three categories: ‘Public Sector Distinction’, the ‘Business and Commercial’, and the ‘Lifestyle, Social and Entertainment’.

The ‘HKSTP Startup Award’ and the ‘Samsung– The Most Creative Award’ were also presented to honor outstanding efforts of industry practitioners. The ‘HKSTP Startup Award’ was awarded to the developer who best represented the qualities of distinct business potential in Hong Kong and strived for innovation when developing mobile apps. The ‘Samsung – The Most Creative Award’ was given to the innovative and creative developer who surpassed expectations for a locally developed application. UMix Music App and Birdie Mobile won the ‘HKSTP StartUp Award’ and the ‘Samsung – The Most Creative Award’ respectively.

After the closing remark by Mr. Roy Law,  a Gala Dinner started followed the end of the Awards Ceremony. Apart from appreciating excellence in the field, the Asia Smart App Summit and the Asia Smart App Awards have successfully created a cross-border platform for enterprises from various countries to meet and communicate. These provide opportunities for professionals in the Asian wireless technology industry to exchange views that help to boost and create more possibilities for industry development.

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