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“Sharing is the Key for Hong Kong App Industry”, Interview with Roy Law at Asia Smart App Award 2018/2019

Mr. Roy Law was present during the “Asia Smart App Awards 2018/2019” and commenced it with a small speech. Mr. Law was no stranger to the people present as he is known for accomplishing a multitude of achievements. Not only is he chairman for WTIA, the organizer for the event, but he is also a CEO and Co-Founder.

During the event of the Asia Smarts App Awards, MeNews had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Law. During the event, he also praised the awardees stating “All awardees truly deserve praise and recognition. I wish them all of them success”. Success comes in many different forms and Mr. Law serves as such an example.

Mr. Law has been chairman for the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, otherwise known as WTIA, since 2018. WTIA is dedicated to the wireless and mobile industry as well as increasing exposure and branding. Mr. Law explained that WTIA has many members such as SmarTone and Samsung as well as Huawei.

He is also both CEO and co-founder for AppTask Limited and TeamNote Limited respectively. He began his path to entrepreneurship with the launching of his app “AppTask Limited”. When it comes to “AppTask Limited”, it has won awards such as the “Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award” and the “HSBC Living Business Award”. They do their best to accomplish their corporate social responsibilities. Many companies don’t tend to pay of importance to this concept as in some counties, the practice of corporate social responsibility is not mandated. AppTask, though, has made sure to do what’s best not only for their company, but for their society as well as shown through their awards. AppTask also has clients ranging from local to multinational companies such as MTR, McDonalds, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Red Bull.

As an entrepreneur, he has had many years of experience. For example, as a professional in the information technology industry, he has 20 years of experience. As an entrepreneur, one has to make many important decisions. His various knowledge, due to his degrees in both mechanical engineering and computer and information systems, have led him to make wise decisions. Another form of entrepreneurship that he has participated in would be TeamNote. TeamNote considers itself as a mobile productivity platform and has been featured in both TechCrunch and Forbes. Since its formation, it has won awards such as the “Hong Kong ICT Awards”. Advice towards reaching success: 

I strongly believe in sharing”

Roy Law, Chairman of WTIA

If there was one thing that he would like to give as a key to success, it would be to “share” as seen through his experiences in 2015 from being in Silicon Valley where sharing ideas is very common. It is unlike other places in the world where businesses tend to keep their business ideas or strategies to themselves in fear of them being stolen. Silicon Valley, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, is where many startups share their ideas in order to get feedback and can become successful. Sharing, therefore, is a great way to succeed as stated by Mr. Law.

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